The History of Dentistry

The History of Dentistry

  • How to Whiten your Teeth

    If your teeth have stains or discoloration, then you might need tooth whitening. Tooth whitening refers to the restoration of the natural tooth's shade or whitening it beyond its natural color. Common reasons for tooth staining or discoloration are using tobacco, not brushing regularly or adequately, consuming dark-colored liquids, and exposing teeth to too much fluoride or tetracycline antibiotics as young infants. Teeth can be whitened by either visiting the dentist or through home methods.

  • Scared About Getting Dental Implants? You Don't Have to Be

    When you have never had dental implants before, and your dentist recommends the treatment, it is normal to get scared. What's more, people around you may come up with all these myths and stories that will get you thinking, 'This is not a worthy cause to pursue'. However, tooth implants are more than just replacing a lost tooth. It impacts your oral aesthetics as well. So if you want to restore the beautiful smile you once had, this treatment is worth it.

  • What To Expect During Root Canal Treatment

    If you have been experiencing ongoing pain in your tooth, it could be time to visit your dentist to see if root canal treatment is required. This is a relatively painless procedure these days despite what you may have heard from friends and family. Your dentist will give you reassurance before and during your treatment to ensure you understand what is going to happen and that you are comfortable during your treatment.

  • Expecting realistic results from a tooth whitening procedure

    Tooth whitening has become a popular and convenient procedure for restoring an attractive glow to the teeth. Through both extrinsic and intrinsic methods, the teeth can be whitened and stains removed to restore a complete smile. In many cases, people don't understand the important role that they play in making their teeth whitening procedure a success. In addition to the dentist's role in carrying out the technical aspects of teeth whitening, patients also play a role in ensuring that they obtain meaningful results.

  • Questions You Might Have About Cosmetic Dentistry

    Cosmetic dentistry can have many benefits for both adults and teens, as straight teeth can make you feel more confident when meeting people or speaking in public, whereas teeth that are not properly aligned might mean stiff muscles in the face and jaw, which then causes aches and pain all along the upper body. If you're thinking of cosmetic dentistry for yourself, or know your child will need to have his or her teeth straightened, note a few questions you might have about the processes available, and this might help you to know what to discuss with your dentist or with an orthodontist at offices like DI Dental Implant Centre.

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    The History of Dentistry

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