The History of Dentistry

The History of Dentistry

  • Why Does Your Dentist Want Your Child to See a Dental Therapist?

    If your child needs some dental work done, then you'll go out to reception to make a follow-up appointment with your dentist for the treatment. However, the receptionist tells you that the dentist has asked that the clinic's dental therapist does the work instead. What is a dental therapist and why does your general dentistry office want them to treat your child? What Is a Dental Therapist? Dental clinics don't just employ dentists.

  • How You Can Get Used to Living with Dentures

    If your dentist has recommended that you get a full set of dentures due to some extensive tooth deterioration over the years, you may have become resigned to this option. In fact, you may be looking forward to a new lease of life. Certainly, these dentures will allow you to reclaim all your functionality and be proud of your smile once again, but you do need to look after them very carefully.

  • Why Is Your Dentist Recommending a Crown Rather Than a Filling?

    If you have problems with a tooth, then you might assume that your dentist will use a filling to fix it. While fillings are a tried and tested way of dealing with tooth damage and decay, they aren't the only way to repair teeth. In some cases, crowns are a better solution. Why does your dentist think that you should have a crown and not a filling? What's Wrong With Your Tooth?

  • After Dental Sedation: How to Help Your Child Recover Fast

    If your child needs to have any type of dental work done, whether it's a complex case or a quick and simple one, they'll need some sort of sedation to ensure their comfort during the procedure. Your child dentist will always take the utmost care to deliver safe and effective sedation to your child, but it's still important to know the best way to help your child recover after you get home.

  • How to Whiten your Teeth

    If your teeth have stains or discoloration, then you might need tooth whitening. Tooth whitening refers to the restoration of the natural tooth's shade or whitening it beyond its natural color. Common reasons for tooth staining or discoloration are using tobacco, not brushing regularly or adequately, consuming dark-colored liquids, and exposing teeth to too much fluoride or tetracycline antibiotics as young infants. Teeth can be whitened by either visiting the dentist or through home methods.

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    The History of Dentistry

    Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved stories about the past. Whether the stories were about horses, wars, exploration or even dentistry, I loved to hear them. I find that knowing the history of something helps it to make sense and feel approachable. I know that some people have dental anxiety, and I too have suffered, but I also feel like the more you know about dental work and its history, the easier it is. This blog is dedicated to exploring the history of dentistry – What did ancient people use for fillings? How did early dentists numb their patients? Who was the first dentist? Those are just some of the questions I plan to answer here. Ready? Okay, let's dive into the history of dentistry together!